Training Classes

I cater for all ages and most breeds, from puppies, rescue dogs through to older dogs that would benefit from socialisation and fun whilst training. I believe that socialisation is a major part in a dogs training, to enable them to be balanced and happy. This means meeting other dogs and people in different situations to satisfy their natural instinct and provide vital stimulation, which all dogs require.

I include obedience training within all sessions that will teach your dog all the relevant exercises for sit, down, retrieve, stand, stay, recalls and so much more. All my classes also include fun agility equipment i.e. tunnels, weave poles, jumps, dog walk, tyre etc, on which to teach your dog balance and confidence while still being under your control and having a great time. From time to time I will also do themed sessions that will teach you and your dog some tricks and team games. Clicker training and whistle training are also held periodically.

At the moment I hold seven classes in three different venues, in the Stevenage area;
These are as follows :-
• 1st class – Puppies and young or new dogs.
• 2nd class – For more experienced dogs.

Classes are held on
• Monday and Friday afternoons in Datchworth village hall starting at 4pm and 5pm
• Tuesday nights in Langley starting at 6.45pm and 7.45pm
• Saturday mornings in Benington parish hall starting at 9.15am and 10.15am

All this helps to insure you have a well behaved and happy dog, to live with you for many years to come. A WELL TRAINED DOG IS A HAPPY DOG!!
FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CALL 01438311265 OR 07798788676 OR
Training Classes
Training Classes
Training Classes
Training Classes